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Mulato Obama: My dark places
Drugs dealers, killers in Iberoamérica and CIA

Tráfico de drogas, asesinatos selectivos y propaganda antiespañola en Puerto Rico y Filipinas

Mulato Obama: My dark places

The most distinctive crime leader of his generation update is named Mulato Obama, joined by Cia.
He is one of the best and most important drug dealers living with his mom.
His ghosts were all small countries sodomizad by the Big Dipper.
After two years running his local agency, Mulato Obama was promoted to the board of Chief Director. Selling drugs around the world, after all is illegal. No longer after, he got the Master. Iberoamerican leaders were shut down by a federal indelment.
In the year 2008, he was the sort of person who did drugs. Heroin was droppy and grass spot foggy but today Óscar Danilo Blandon was closer friend of Cia and anticastrismo, working from L. A. and California against Cuba and Venezuela supported by Mulato Obama.
The contra Danilo is one of the most important cocaine smuggers in the last 30 years ruled by CIA.
Drugs dealers and propaganda in the same smelting pot and jam session… And from Chicago, gangs like Black Gansters Discipline Nation were good reasons for a big deal and pretty Fast Money. Too much dark places around Mulato Obama and Danilo Blandon.

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