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Mulato Obama: The sniffer-dog on the Mexican border
Drugs, Cia and chicanos in California

Política antimexicana, drogas y propaganda gringa contra México y España

Mulato Obama: The sniffer-dog on the Mexican border

You are fuddy-duddy and a sniffer-dog, smelling and peeking everybody on the Mexican border.
Stop to sniff at I.
You are a bordeline case; stop sniffing! This dirty job bores me. Don´t be suck a bore!
I am so snide and sneaky against American agresions on the Mexican border.
“I am bored stiff of you”, he said, with loud stiff.
“There is not smoke without fire… To go up in smoke”, I said him
“You are only the puppeter of his bloody puppet-show. They are Club Bilderberg reality-show.”
Mulato Obama was so drunk of power and blude-red into everyone and everything concerning the Mexican border
He blurted out the names of all American thieves in Iberoamerica befote he could stop himself
News from San Diego: “Skeletal slags strutted in the glare of bars flahing… They were crack hookers on the border, going to big nowhere. Addicts of rock cocaine and poissoned TV criminals and brainpower propaganda against Mexico and Mexicans. This American stuff goes on the daybreak. Flippy Mulato Obama was out of order… Another just lost battle on the Tex-Mex border…”.
On the Portlavaca Radio Station, Bob Dylan playing “Tangled up in Blue”
on Desolation Row.
On the Oxford Town Radio Station, the old Billy Faulkner, naced and drunken in a cedar tree making love to Temple Drake.

udonge, 55 anhos, espanhol, mora na Europa, escritor e também pintor precisa editor paulista nipo-brasileiro para su novela "La concubina de mi amante". Enviar email urgente a su dirección en España o dejar mensaje en sección "recados" udonge2004@yahoo.es
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