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Mulato Obama: The Killer Bee
Bush, Mulato and ambush

Mulato Obama and the Big Deal in Iberoamerica

Mulato Obama: The killer bee

In my gambling-house Club Bilderberg, will find niggers and gamblers pinky-eyes.
No, I won´t… Oh do you, my brother! Between crewmembers of Salvation Army and Sisters of Mercy, you are a bit lost, very lost playing with fire. How long for? The tippler said: “You are soaking too… Go to Hell!” To win a success? Neither you or I. Out of the blues. Tangled up in blues. This bread is stale and this honey is very sticky. Won´t you try again? “Sowdrunk, sow-bug… I am not your fellow-war, cloudy messenger of pity…” –Mulato said to him-. Felon and Felony.
It is a deal tonight? Now it is your deal! Deal a blow…
To break the back of a job. To break the bank. You are a killer bee…
Don´t get your knickers in a Twist! Mulato Obama: Where the fuck have you been last two years?
I don´t give a fuck about politics!
I am fucking pissed off with you, ambush like Bush...

udonge, 55 anhos, espanhol, mora na Europa, escritor e também pintor precisa editor paulista nipo-brasileiro para su novela "La concubina de mi amante". Enviar email urgente a su dirección en España o dejar mensaje en sección "recados" udonge2004@yahoo.es
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