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Mulato Obama: The poor white Addie Bundren is death
Racism and poverty in USA

Blacks and Mulatos rich against poor white

Mulato Obama: The poor-white Addie Bundren is death

Darl go on to the river followed by the Chuck Chuck of his adze. Angels and witches… Empty bottles and broken mirrows. “Addie Bundren is death”, she said from Jefferson.

“He is not mine… He is son of a whore”, she said from the Darkness.
He will kill her! He left her! Sorrows in the air.
I just ran toward bad days living on the dole, watching poisoned tv.
I was Knocking on the Heaven´s Door, feeling like a sulky idito into the blindnees of my duties.

Cora said to me: “It is was the Hand of God”. I was crying in the kitchen. Darl made a hole in my heart..
Addie´s dreams: “ I could just remember my father used to say that the reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a very long time”, Addie say to Cora Tull

One day I was talking to her… “She prayed for me, because she beleived I was blind to sin, wanting me to kneel and pray too because people to whom sin is only just a matter of words, salvation just words too”, Addie says to strong wind blowing in the Jefferson´s graveyard.
Then, I die… Then, I was death…, living in the dark land, forever...
Chimes of freedom against Mulato Obama and rich-whites? No! Only, chimes of Death!

Loo and guilty selfish Yankee brown and silly boy!
It is will be even worse next months arrive. Anse and me we could faces years and years living on the dole, living on the poverty.
We are poor-white and dirty snuffing nose.
Boy!: Won´t you come see me tonight for whore cunt and blackness?

Two years later: War-propaganda is Over and Over.
Poor-white are more and more poor, meanwhile in America, rich-white are more rich and rich…, same Bush, The Big Dipper.

That is how it goes, cousin…

Addie´s dreams: Billy Faulkner and Udonge

udonge, 55 anhos, espanhol, mora na Europa, escritor e também pintor precisa editor paulista nipo-brasileiro para su novela "La concubina de mi amante". Enviar email urgente a su dirección en España o dejar mensaje en sección "recados" udonge2004@yahoo.es
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