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The day i meet you

Eu fiz esse texto para o meu ex namorado...

The day i meet you was a normal day and i dind't expected something big happen,the day i meet you was a special day but i don't knew, when i noticed that was very late and i stayed here seeing the day end...I was here seeing you go away,far away.
Someone told me " when you fall in love without one touch,when you fall in love just with the pics,talks and voice, that moment you will feel the true love. The day i meet you i did. I felt love without touch or maybe i felt your touch even you don't was touching me.
I don't know the real reason why love end or why love beggin,this just happen like the rain falling in the ground,like my tears falling in my face when i think about you,when i think why you leave me.
You was so perfect that day,you was funny and you said you was a "positive man", you was handsome and had a big dream,you told you "don't liked study" and you go to "lee party" that was my last memories. The most horrible part about that day was i never imagined that was the first and last of you and me.
You suddenly come to me and you suddenly dissappeared into the smoke. You leave for me a lot of feelings. Sorry for falling in love with you and thank you for give me happy moments,i hope your star never stop shine,your dreams come true and you be smart more than you actually are.
I wanted stay by your side but the day i meet you ended. Maybe tomorrow,just maybe me and you got a new sky gift and meet again. But i will still look at sky then i can see you.

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